Below are just a few of the reviews from our satisfied customers.

12/20 – Excellent service at a great price. We got 4 new tires a few months ago and have been super happy. But it gets better! We sadly got a flat tire the day before Christmas (totally our fault BTW,) and didn’t expect it to be able to be fixed until Tuesday. We called the shop to see if there were holiday hours listed, and there weren’t. We didn’t leave a voicemail. Lo and behold we received a call on Christmas morning asking if there was a problem, because they missed a call from our number. We explained what was going on and they told us to come by and they would fix it. They would be in the shop anyway doing some cleanup (I don’t know the full details, I wasn’t the one actually placing the call!) Had a new tire on in no time and we didn’t have to cancel any plans. Service and attitude of this caliber are what separate a business like this to the next level. I would recommend anyone to Martin Tire if you want the confidence that someone actually cares about the quality of their work and your bank balance as well!

-Jeff M

11/20 – I first met Chuck about 4 years ago. He is friendly and honest. I work for a near by company that previously used firestone, who would take hours even days for the same service Chuck and his crew can provide in less than 2 hours tops. It is the high light of my day to visit Martin Tire. Recently I have had trouble with the brakes in my 06 Elantra. Chuck is very understanding. I can only afford little at a time. The service station I used to use tryed to tell me I had to replace pads, rotors, and calipers on all wheels costing over $1000. Chuck is saving me hundreds and little at a time fixing only what needs done. I now feel safe driving and comfort in knowing I am well taken care of.
I have read all the reviews. I know there are some people that are never happy. I think these people wouldn’t have good thing to say about anything.

All I know is my experience. I won’t go anywhere else. These guys at Martin Tire are the BEST! Lots of Love

11/16 – I’ve gone to this local business many times over the yrs, and I always have a pleasant experience. I’ve even brought all my kids and the owner gave them all matchbox cars for good behavior…great local place and great honest prices…I’d rather give the hard working local shop my business and trust that I’ll always be happy. This younger generation needs to stop being so Whiny and sensitive and realize the meaning of what it takes to run a business and survive these days…they’ll spend $800 on a new cell phone but complain about spending money on a car they probably neglect…see y’all soon I’m gonna need tires.
– Dave

11/16 – Always fast and friendly service. I’ve been here several times and they never try to up-sell or try to convince me that I need a million things. They really know what they’re doing and are the best at what they do.
– Khang

8/15 – i went here to have my car done ,and it was great i have been going here for many years ;and that is because they are honest ,respectful and do the job right at the right price. AND GUYS don’t be worried to send ur wife or refer a woman to go there alone ,because martin tire will not take advantage of a woman that is un informed about cars .they treat all the same …thanks chuck….stepham
– Steven

05/13 – Outstanding service!!! Thank you to all who make car repair a pleasant experience. Keep up the great work!!! You are the best!!!!
– Kathy

04/12 – Martin Tire fit me in the day that I called. They were very courteous and tires were installed very efficiently. I’d recommend them to anyone.

01/12 – Very easy to get a quick next day appointment to install my run flat tires and do a 4 wheel alignment. A great family run business that makes you feel welcome as a customer. I will definitely go back to Martins in the future.

11/11 – A very a good experience. I originally went to get 4 winter tires installed and an alignment. The mechanic pointed out several problems with my front end that needed to be taken care of (mostly parts that needed replacing). One of the problems (brake pads and rotors) I knew was overdue to fix and the other problems I was not aware of. The mechanic demonstrated on my vehicle what was wrong and why it needed to be replaced but didn’t pressure me to get it worked on by them. They gave me a list of their recommendations and prices. The prices are comparable or better than many local mechanics. I got some of the work done there and they did a great job. I would go to Martin again.

08/11 – First time using this installer. Service was great and I’ll be back.

05/11 – The owner of Martin Tire Chuck greeted me immediately when I pull up to the garage. He’s a very energetic and friendly guy. I dropped off wheels with old tires and returned the next day to have the mounted tires put on the car. Again Chuck greeted me immediately and within two minutes three employees were on the job and switched out the wheels quickly. When I asked Chuck if I needed an alignment he ran his hand over the tread and pointed out that they had uneven wear indicating the need for alignment. I returned the following Saturday without an appointment. They took the car immediately and were done in about 30 minutes. While I waited I heard Chuck on the phone with a customer and was impressed by how carefully he explained what his mechanic had found wrong with the car. He also explained that the car did not need a new front axle as the customer feared. I like doing business with a garage that will tell a customer when work is unnecessary. I was very pleased with Martin tire.

03/11 – Outstanding service….don’t let the old facility fool you…this is a quality auto service facility. 76 years in business with the same family ownership says it all. My 1st visit but not my last. Chuck truly has the “customer focus”….I had 36 years in retail management and seeing a local family owned business prosper and survive vs.the “big” guys speaks volumes for Martin tires success. Thanks for being a true representative of what a small business can be.

03/11 – After being turned away from town fair tire who did not want to deal with tires not purchased at their store I went to the Tire Rack site and found Martin tire. A quick drive over and as I am exiting the car I was greeted by the owner. He instructed me to pull my rims and tires out of the car and had his men set to work on mounting my new tires to my old rims. During my 1 hour wait he updated me to let me know that it was taking longer than expected because there was some corrosion build up at the lip of the rim that he had his guys taking care of with a grinder. I was happy to know that they were taking care of it now so that in the future I didn’t have to worry about leaking air from a bad bead seal. While waiting in the sitting area I was able to read the local newspaper and browse through a few different magazines. I also was able to view a few older newspaper articles written about Martin tire and it was interesting to learn the history of the place. Overall I was extremely pleased with the quality of the service and will be returning next time I need any tire work performed.

03/11 – Very fast arrived at 8:50 in the bay in 2 minutes. Out by 9 with 4 tires installed. Oil change and alignment. Very pleased with the service.

02/11 – This place was excellent. Fast service and very friendly people. I had an alignment done and the four tires put on and was out of there in an hour. I will be purchasing some tires for my van soon and will use martin tire again. Thanks

01/11 – This place is tiny but the service was excellent. I brought very expensive newly chromed wheels in to have summer tires put on. They were very careful handling them and the machine used to install the tire was different than the crap you would see at an NTB. It did not leave any marks on the wheel. They were very careful sliding it on and off the balancer and they used stick on weights on both sides of the wheel per my request (to avoid hammering the standard clamp on tape weights on the lip of the inside of the wheel). I will update this review if there are any issues once I actually put these wheels/tires on in the spring. The only downside to this place is that it is tiny not much parking and pretty dirty in the garage but it is a garage after all and these guys shine where it counts.

12/10 – I just had my tires mounted in balanced this morning at Martin Tire. I am extremely happy with their service. I had a set of brand new aftermarket wheels (17×9 and 17×9.5) that I was worried about them scratching. They assured me they could do it with no problem. They were correct. Not only did they do the job perfectly but they did it in under a half hour even with multiple customers there. I paid $17.50 (40 and 45 series tires) each for mount and balance everywhere else would charge me $30 each. You may read other reviews saying “the place looks old” or “they dont keep records” I say so what. Who cares if the shop looks old? Their service is spot on and their equipment is modern to me that is the most important part. About the issue with not keeping records. Who cares!? It is amazimg how we rely on computers these days. Like we cant function without them. Just keep your receipt and they will honor anything.

12/10 – Highly satisfied with Martin Tire. Work was done on schedule efficiently and at their published rates. I had to give a slightly lower rating for cleanliness but remember this is a garage that’s been in the same location and building since 1934 its not a nightclub. In all important areas they were perfect; a busy place with many active and helpful workers. I’ll use them in the future without hesitation.

12/10 – OK waiting area.. Busy place. Did a great job on the install. Got in and out fast. Would use them again. Tire rack listed prices on the install.

08/10 – Good customer service. Chuck is great to work with. Mounted and balanced 4 tires. Good equipment and careful employees did a nice job. Make sure you take your installer sheet from Tire Rack with you. The one showing prices. I had to show mine to get the quoted price which was lower than normal. However they did charge less than quoted for other services. Also keep in mind there are extra charges for Run flats TPMS wheel weights and disposal. Some of these charges are obvious others make you wonder what they really did for that money. However all installers probably charge for these things. I paid $129 (total) to mount and balance 2 45-series and 2 35-series tires. I couldn’t get an alignment. My car is too low to get onto their machine. No big deal but keep this in mind if you have a low sports car. All in all I am very pleased with my experience at Martins Tire. Work was done quickly right the first time and they did not scratch the rims like some installers do. That is a huge plus. Highly recommended.

05/10 – Excellent work done quickly. Was given plenty of info throughout the process and had all my questions answered. Would definitely use them again.

04/10 – I have a very nice sports convertible and am always hesitant to leave it someplace where it could possibly get bumped in a parking lot. Chuck was one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure doing business with. Everything was done perfectly and on top of it all he parked my car in a special area to protect it all the while it was there. I could not have been more satisfied.

01/10 – Great value. Martin Tire mounted my tires and alignment in an affordable and timely manner. They found ways to save me money and offered ways to prevent future mishaps. I have had three alignments at different service centers and this is the first one that I drove away with an aligned steering wheel as well. I will return in the future for tire and other basic maintenance.

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