Tires are where your car quite literally hits the road. Quality tires are a requirement for your car to be not only safe as you drive around but also they supplement the performance of your vehicle. Do not ignore your tires because they are not under the hood.

There are three main different types of tires and we carry both cost efficient and performance brands of each one.

All Season tires – These tires will handle dry and wet conditons but are not particularly good in snow. The chemical make up of the tires will allow you to get around in most weather with little trouble. If you do not travel insnow regularly and are looking for one type of tire this is the one for you.

All Weather tires – These tires handle warm and cold temperatures well while also working very well in both wet and snowy conditions. They are not as effective in snow as snow tires but if you have to get somewhere in lighter snow then these may be the right choice for you.

Snow tires – These tires are designed specifically for winter weather. They do not work well in warm dry conditions since the chemical makeup of the tires does not hold up in those conditions. If you absolutely have to drive in the snow we strongly recommend you use snow tires during the harsh winter months in central Massachusetts.

We offer a wide range of tires in each category so you can pick the best solution for your vehicle and your budget.

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